Canada World Domination

Let’s be frank — we’re proud of our Canadian here, and we’re taking the world by storm… with niceness! We’ve got uber top secret plans, available for everyone to view online about Canada’s world domination plans!

Here’s some important steps to helping us take over the world, if you think we’re going over the top, please let us know.

  1. Be nice to everyone
  2. Apologize to people in most circumstances
  3. Poutine is healthy
  4. Cold weather is the natural state of things, let’s make sure the world can experience that as well
  5. Police riding around with funny hats on horses and red uniforms is the best form of law enforcement
  6. ‘eh’ is a verb, noun, adjective, adverb and way of life
  7. Beer is good, so is hockey, the two mixed together are amazing

That’s just the beginning. Canada World Domination starts when we start converting people to this way of life.


If you’re interested in going the Canadian world domination movement, it’s pretty simple, just keep doing what you’ve always done, live free, be nice and be Canadian!


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